Yellow Guy

Yellow Guy in DHMIS 2

Other Names: Manny, Shrigis, Dawson
Favorite Color: Green
Gender: Male

Likes: Butterflies, Spaghetti, Roy

Dislikes: Animals dying, Being picked on

Friends: Duck Guy, Red Guy, Roy

Enemies: Sketchbook, Tony the Talking Clock, Shrignold, Colin, Steak, Spinach Can, The Fridge, Lamp

Species: Human
Yellow Guy[1] (fannamed Manny) is one of the three protagonists in the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series. He is the most oblivious of the three puppets, not understanding the nature of the Teachers until the final episode. He allegedly has a dad named Roy. He is voiced by Baker Terry.


Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.13.06 PM

Yellow Guy in DHMIS 3

Yellow Guy, as his name suggests, is a yellow puppet with a round head and big round orange nose. He has blue hair and wears blue dungarees with a "D" on it. In DHMIS 2, Yellow Guy has white socks and black shoes. In DHMIS 3, his shoes are white. In some episodes, his hair is styled as a mohawk. His current form is slightly different than his form in DHMIS 1 and his form in DHMIS 2.


Yellow Guy is the optimist of the three puppets, as he doesn't complain much and easily gets sucked in the moment. He is the most naive and seems to show the most interest in the lessons. His favorite colour is green (which isn't a creative colour as stated by Sketchbook) and he likes to eat spaghetti. He isn't very bright, either.

However, as the series progresses, Yellow Guy begins to widen up and understand the nature of the Teachers, as he feels something is missing in DHMIS 5 (due to Red Guy's departure) and misses both of his friends in DHMIS 6. He also doesn't want to hear Lamp's lesson about dreams in DHMIS 6, and has violently negative reactions with each Teacher that appears.


  • "How did you get that idea?" (DHMIS)
  • "I might paint a picture of a clown!" (DHMIS)
  • "This tree that is old has circles inside!" (DHMIS 2)
  • "Is time even real, does anyone know?" (DHMIS 2)
  • "A little baby pigeon!" (DHMIS 3)
  • "But what is love? Is it in the sky?" ( DHMIS 3)
  • "Because I'm hungry..." (DHMIS 3)
  • "I don't understand." (DHMIS 3)
  • "I'd like to be as smart as a computer!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "I don't get can it be? If I'm sitting at home, when I'm inside the screen!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "I'm friends with my dad!" (DHMIS 2)
  • "My dad is a c-computer!" (DHMIS 2)
  • "Wow, look, a pie chart!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Wow, look, a bar graph!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Something's different." (DHMIS 5)
  • "Is it...this guy?" (DHMIS 5)
  • "Wow, look, a line graph!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Wow, look, an oblong!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "The food is talking!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "I choose a pizza slice, bread and cheese and tastes of nice." (DHMIS 5)
  • "Wow, look, nothing!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "" (DHMIS 3)
  • "You made me die!" (DHMIS 6)


  • A common fan-used name for him is "Manny", and "Doi."
  • His actual name, if he has one, most likely starts with a "D," because the letter is on his dungarees.
  • A video liked by the official DHMIS show a girl talking about her drawings of the DHMIS characters and she named the yellow guy "Dawson".
  • His hair is different in all of the episodes. In the first, he has a bit of hair sticking up. In the second, the hair is like a mohawk. In the third, he has a small amount of hair like the first time, but there is more hair. In the fourth, it is a smaller mohawk.
  • He is the most humanoid out of the three main characters.
  • He seems to be a good climber, as he climbs to a very high branch on a tree to cry in DHMIS 3.

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