Shrignold DHMIS

Shrignold[1] is the main antagonist of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3. He is a butterfly who teaches the Yellow Guy about love.


Shrignold has a black body that seems to be held together with yellow rings, similar to a bee. He has two yellow wings which have seemingly decorative hearts and stars on them, and also has a blue face and a yellow nose. He has two small, dark green legs with black shoes and two antennas on his head. Near the end of DHMIS 3, he suddenly has a mono brow.


Shrignold is a very kind villain. He teaches the Yellow Guy about love and how everyone has a "special one." He doesn't appear to get mad even once, unless you count the mono brow as angry (then again, Yellow Guy didn't really question him). He tries to teach the Yellow Guy how good love is and what benefits it can bring. He appears to be the leader of a love cult of sorts. In the end, he seems to be attempting to brainwash Yellow Guy, forcing him to join Malcolm, his king.


  • "Maybe I could hold your hand, and together we can understand about love!"
  • "No, no, no, that's not how it's done; you must save your love for your Special One!"
  • "Now wear this ring! (and join the king!) and you will never be alone."
  • "Have you ever wondered why we're here? What's it all about, you've no idea."
  • "And everywhere you look all you see is hatred, and darkness, death and fear.."
  • "Cause even though we're different, it doesn't make a difference... and we can live in harmony."
  • "You see? Everyone has a special one!"
  • "Do you ever feel like life's unfair cause everybody hates you, and no one cares!"
  • "Your heart beats hard like a big love drum."
  • "Makes you sad, doesn't it? That there's so much hatred in the world."
  • "I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question."
  • "So here we are, with all my friends. And they love you, all of them."

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that he is the spirit of the butterfly that Duck Guy killed in the beginning of DHMIS 3, because he presumably never actually exists, and is part of Yellow Guy's dream.
  • After Yellow Guy and Shrignold reach the cloud populated by all of his friends, he has a small red heart on his chest which remains until the end of the video.
  • He is the only teacher that is not based on an inanimate object.
  • He is also the only teacher that Yellow Guy seems to not know what is based on, as he calls Shrignold a little baby pidgeon.

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