The Monster Can appear in the climax of DHMIS 5 eating Duck Guy in the surgery room. He may be intending to can Duck Guy by eating his organs, hence why Yellow Guy is eating out cans of his remains inside of it.

Appearance Edit

The Monster Can is a costume that someone is inside of. They appear to have a face similar to Yellow Guy's and has two black short arms.
Robin's Blood
They have 6 teeth that are shaped like bowls under their mouth's upper lip. The inside's outlines of their lips are colored gray as if the can was cut open, and there are white angled stripes around their yellow faces. Around their faces is a dull-blue color plate and everywhere else on the can is colored black. They might have a label on their backs that are not shown. The lid on top is colored gray and they might have black legs, since their arms are colored black.

Trivia Edit

  • His last sighting is when the monster can left the duck guy with his organs out, and a clone of him came in, possibly trying to eat more of the duck guy's organs.
    • This could mean that the monster can represents the cans that were fed to the yellow guy after the spinach can fed him "onion paste".
  • Disturbingly, the Monster Can can be heard laughing deeply as he eats Duck Guy's guts, while Duck Guy looks around in a painful daze.