"This is the story of Michael, the loneliest boy in town..." The Love Tree

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Michael is a character featured in an anecdote told in the third episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. As the this episode progresses, The Love Tree tells Yellow Guy Michael's story after Shrignold introduces the concept of "a special one", which is a component of The Love Cult's ideology.

Shrignold, who speaks to Yellow Guy at length about love, reacts negatively as Yellow Guy states that he loves various objects around the area. Shrignold tells Yellow Guy that he must save his love for his "special one", which is illustrated by a puppet with a similar appearance to Yellow Guy, but with pink hair and visible teeth. The Unicorn Boy chimes in that "everyone has a special one". Yellow Guy reacts in confusion, stating "Even me? But I am lonely!" Shrignold, sensing his confusion, states "let me put it another way" and directs Yellow Guy to the The Love Tree, who tells Yellow Guy a story about a boy named Michael. Michael is shown as a young boy, mostly bald with a few hairs, wearing a light-colored shirt with a collar and a dark pair of pants. He is always shown smiling throughout the visuals.

The Love Tree characterizes Michael as widely disliked by his town's people, "ugly and weak", and "the loneliest boy in town". The visuals show Michael walking through a forest-like area, before it transitioning to a town with a woman looking at Michael through a window, and a man passing by wearing a hat. The woman is shown calling and pointing towards the boy angrily in the visuals, upon which Michael crawls into a small, hollow cave illuminated by fire. As The Love Tree echoes the line "and lived on his own underground", Michael is shown shedding a single tear, though his expression does not change.

Upon the conclusion of the anecdote, Shrignold affirms that "everyone has a special one", and Rabbit Boy chimes in "Even Michael!" It is unknown who Michael's "Special One" is, or whether or not he even has one, as neither The Love Tree nor Shrignold refers to one.

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