Gilbert The Globe
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The Digital Gilbert

"Hey.. Who's this guy?! It's Gilbert the Globe! Episode 4 of DHMIS is well underway CrEaTiVeLy!" -Becky Sloan on Instagram

Gilbert the Globe was first teased to be the teacher in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4 when Becky Sloan leaked a picture of him on Kickstarter,[1] Instagram,[2] Twitter[3] and Facebook[4]. He resides in the Research Room.

The tease was continued in the beginning of the video, with him being in the thumbnail, and the puppets asking, "What is the biggest thing in the world?" and then looking at the Globe. After Gilbert turned around to show his face, Colin appeared and started to sing.

Gilbert made other appearances in the episode, but they were just cameos, such as him floating around in the digital world and briefly appearing during the glitchy transition to the world and saying "Hey!".

He is the official mascot of the DHMIS Wiki.

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