Image: Duck

"That's not enough time!"

Likes: Rocking Chairs, Television, Chicken
Gender: Male
Death Count: 4
Species: Duck
Dislikes: Dislikes: Bugs, Steak, Spinach Can, The Fridge
Status: Deceased

Duck Guy[1][2] is one of the three protagonists of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series.


Duck Guy is a green feathered duck who appears to wear an old, collared jacket. He has a yellow beak and appears to carry around a pocket watch.


Duck Guy appears to be the realist of the three. He points out the obvious facts that the villains sometimes miss, such as, "What do you mean? We're already clean!" and doesn't see the face in the orange like Sketchbook and Yellow Guy do. His favorite colour is red and alike the Red Guy, he cares about Yellow Guy. He dislikes bugs; he swats them and calls them "pesky bees". seems to have the least patience towards the food band.


  • "It's's just a boring old orange! " (DHMIS)
  • "That's not enough time! " (DHMIS 2)
  • "What do you mean? We're already clean!" (DHMIS 2)
  • "It's quarter to eight, there's fish on my plate!" (DHMIS 2)
  • "It's eleven to twelve, there's fish in the bath!" (DHMIS 2)
  • "Maybe time's just a construct of human perception, an illusion created by-" (cut off by Tony) (DHMIS 2)
  • "Pesky bee!" (DHMIS 3)
  • "Maybe we should look for our friend, isn't that what friends do?" (DHMIS 3)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Oh, look! There he goes, flying through the sky!" (DHMIS 3)
  • "Yes, but there's lots of chicken left, and I'd like to eat the chicken." (DHMIS 3)
  • "Pesky bee!" (DHMIS 3)
  • "And we have finished the chicken picnic..." (DHMIS 3)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "I live in my house!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Wow, we're all computery!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Something's...missing." (DHMIS 5)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "But something's...wrong." (DHMIS 5)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "ENOUGH!!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "Digital style!" (DHMIS 4)
  • "Get off me!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "That doesn't make sense!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "I don't want to do this anymore!!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "Fi-Fi-Fish on my tray?! WHAT, WHERE AM I?!" (DHMIS 6)
  • "Time..?!" (DHMIS 4)

Trivia Edit

  • Common fan-used names of his are "Robin", "Birdman" and "Reggie".
  • He is voiced by Baker Terry.
  • Some speculators, like "thought", have theorized that all DHMIS main characters represent different lobes of the brain, and he said Duck Guy was the temporal lobe. This makes sense, as the temporal lobe is used for metaphysical thought, and Duck Guy obtains the knowledge of intangible objects.
  • The picture of duck guy with one eye could possibly be based on his Playing Piece In DHMIS 4.



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